The Fall...

Autumn Aurora - Arnhem Arnhems nature in Autumn, postbank area

Before you know it's this great time of the year again... Autumn. She'll present herself in all her glory. The leaves on the trees will fade and color and slowly die. It's also the time of the year when the Aurora Infernalis festival takes place on some misty cold october evenings. The festival is all about atmosphere.. dark cold artistic music.

When does the festival take place and how many days?

Every year the number of festival days and venue's may differ, the festival takes place around late October... the rest all depends on the concept. Expect the unexpected, quality over quantity, no compromise.

Idea behind the festival?

  1. Aurora Infernalis should be a platform for bands that bring dark and/or avantgarde artistic quality music in the best possible live setting.
  2. The festival lineup should always stick to the core concept of the festival.
  3. There will always be a connection to the atmospheric 90's second wave of Black Metal.


Quality, Atmosphere, Artistic, Dark, melodic, breaking musical boundaries, good musicianship, art,...