Aurora Infernalis Festival part VI

Sapientia and Cult of Fire were the two first announcements of the 6th edition of the Aurora Infernalis festival. Sapientia is a side project of Hetroertzen members, though they have a much more raw side. Aurora will be their first live appearance though with members with a lot of live experience (Hetroertzen, Lvxcaelis).

Cult of Fire from Czech are wel known in the underground for their unique live appearances at selected live events.

They will do their first live gig in the Netherlands. The third announcement Svartidaudi from Iceland didn't surpise many, I guess. The reason for their invitation.. well multiple, this band is doing very well and there are multiple reasons we all know. Very good live band as well, they skipped the Netherlands on their first European tour so this is an extra push to have them play Aurora VI. They will do an exclusive fly in show.

Mortuus on the other hand is a studio band. I am sure many didn't expect them to be present at this years edtion. We are very happy with them on the bill. Fans of the more occult side of the gerne should definately check them out! I league with Funeral Mist, Ondskapt etc, yet a bit slower and darker even... their first live appearance!

Another Swedish band that will be part of the edition where Sweden has a big role to play is Diabolium. They will do an exclusive fly in show too and this will be their first live show in the Netherlands as well. Diabolicum is a well known band in the black metal underground and together with Mysticum from Norway, Dodheimsgard from Norway and Aborym from Italy the founding fathers of the industrial Black Metal gerne.

Windir, Vreid and Ulcus will be the headliner of this years Aurora Infernalis festival as part of the Sognametal tour. This tour will be the first and last time to see Windir members play Windir on stage, it is a rare chance to witness. Expect and extra long headline show with at least half the set of Windir songs.

After the headliner a very great band from Norway will finish the festival: Dodsengel. They thus far only did a hand full of very successful shows in Norway. This will be their first time people can witness them outside of Norway. The reason this band will play on this spot are multiple, we suggest to look on the internet, for instance metal archives and check out their albums. We have high expectations. This year, like last year, we will do a one day edition of the festival.

Depending on the success of this years edition we may upgrade the festival once more to a two day festival in 2015. We all count on the true black metal adapts to attend and support quality black metal anno 2014.

R./Aurora Infernalis (01.09.2014).

Aurora Infernalis Festival part V

The Aurora Infernalis festival part V took place on saturday October 26th 2013. 

Mgla was the first announcement of the Aurora Infernalis festival. This band is doing very well lately and with their "with hearts toward none" release we had to book them.

Art is something Hetroertzen know how to define. Not only with their majestic opus "Exaltation of Wisdom" but also with their stage presence. Be sure not to miss this.

Dodheimsgard and the Ruins of Beverast are bigger names on this years Aurora Infernalis Festival. Both bring a long 70 minute clocking live set.

Krakow from Bergen was the "avantgarde" act of the festival this year. We always had 1 or 2 avantgardish bands like Solstafir in 2008, Altar of Plagues in 2009, Dordeduh in 2011, Fen in 2012. 

Then we have Vemod, we're very happy with their participation. This band totally represents where Aurora Infernalis stands for.

Since all of you should know by now "Aurora Infernalis" is not just about Black Metal music. We support all sorts of dark artistic music. The dark ambient act Svartsinn will be there too.

The Latest additions were  Lugubrum from Belgium, this is the Black Metal band from Belgium, very progressive Boersk Black Metal, Troll (will play Drep de Kristne entirely as part of the LP release presentation) and Khors from Ukraine.

We're very pleased with the lineup of edition 5 of the festival.

Aurora Infernalis Festival part IV

This edition took place on October 26th and October 27th 2012. Venues participating: Willemeen for the underground day, Luxor Live for the main day. About the lineup: I had to make some compromises on the lineup for the first time. Yet when I look back at it i am still proud of the result.

Personal hightlights: One Tail, One Head, Isvind, Tulus and A Blaze in the Northern Sky...

Aurora Infernalis Festival part III

Information about this festival needs added still,... All i can say is that this edition was the nicest for me personal yet!

This was the first cooperation between club Willemeen and Luxor Live.

Personal highlights: Covenant, Absu, Hades, Troll... well actually more bands.. it was just a very special 3 days...

Aurora Infernalis Festival part II

The second edtion had two Willemeen days as well. Troll did the their first Benelux gig, it was the first dutch show or Aura Noir in 11 years. We approached Nazxul to come over after their magnificent album "Iconoclast" So they did, the one and only trigger to come over to Europe.