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In 2004 we started organising concerts in the Goudvishal Arnhem. The idea behind this was to organise quality concerts for die hards in the Black Metal genre. The feedback was very good and in 2005 this resulted in an alias for concert bookings "Aurora Infernalis concerts". Under that banner gigs have been organised with bands like: Darkspace, Lunar Aurora, Graupel. Just to name a few very special ones. Darkspace did one of their very few first shows back in 2005 in the Goudvishal. Lunar Aurora did their first Benelux show a year after Darkspace in 2006 together with their brothers of Graupel. It was the frist Graupel show ever and a very memorable night for us "atmospheric black metal worshippers".

When in late 2007 the Goudvishal closed, Aurora Infernalis concerts moved to a slighty bigger location called Willemeen.


There the Aurora Infernalis Festival was born in 2008. The following years bands like Gehenna, < Code >, Solstafir did one of their very few and first (Solstafir) Benelux appearances. Troll from Norway did one of their very first shows oudside norway and the first Benelux show at Aurora Infernalis in 2009.
Not only Scandinavia got our attention. Even a great band from Australia (Nazxul) did their majestic show for Aurora Infernalis. This was their first European appearance.

In 2011 the most remarkable show was the "Covenant - In Times before the light show". This was a once in a lifetime happening. Nagash with a session lineup played the enitre album for the first and last time. This time the event was not only held in Willemeen, but also in the big classical looking venue "Luxor Live". This venue has a 700 people capacity and a very professional attitude concering live concerts.

2012 brought some great shows already and will have more soon with the Aurora Infernalis festival part IV. Primordial, Moonsorrow, Aura Noir and the mighty Tulus will play in Luxor Live, Arnhem. See you soon at one of the upcoming Aurora Infernalis events!

2013 Was the year of Dodheimsgard's return with Aldrahn on vocals! Also Vemod, Hetroertzen, The Ruins of Beverast, Krakow had stage presence. Troll did an aftershow in Cafe the stage playing "Drep de Kristne" for the first and last time entirely!

Quotes from bands about the festival

The Aurora Infernalis festival is one of the few festivals that is keeping the spirit of true norwegian black metal alive and all over the world true - Nagash / Covenant & Troll